Out In The World

After months of laying low, playing it cool, we finally ventured out for Christine’s birthday, driving to Newport Beach, checking into a hotel on the beach. To walk in the sand, smell the sea, hear the thunderous roar of the surf was everything we needed. However make no mistake, in these unique times, navigating the outside world is tricky at best, maddeningly uncomfortable at worst. 

But we went and did it, masking and social d’ing all the way.

Crew Shot

On assignment and on location at The Historic Willows Inn, Palm Springs, grabbing a shot for the cover of new luxury travel magazine Inn Crowd. 

Exteriors In The Time Of COVID

We are not shooting many assignments for magazines or interior designers due to you know what. So we busy ourselves with nature and exteriors.

Fortunately we live in a place with some astounding nature and homes.

In the meantime, stay safe, don’t be an ass, wear a mask.

In Palm Springs…

Why do we love living here? Let us count the ways… like- being out cycling on an exceptionally beautiful day and running into friends and neighbors. Hey Shannon!

Wait- Where Are We?

Spain? France? There are so many different and intriguing architectural gems in Palm Springs we wonder what country we’re in sometimes…. take us away.

This gem was spotted in Tahquitz River Estates on East Palo Verde. 

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