interior | adjective

1: situated within or inside

2: remote from the coast or frontier 

3: existing or taking place in the mind or soul…

122 N Elm St Greensboro NC - 10/24/16


On assignment and on the road, it’s another job, another hotel, and another location.

And when it looks like this, nothing beats working.

Great shoot and great crew in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Thanks Rick and Michael- InSidesign.

An Other World

There are no easy words to capture the complexities of Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens.

We will not even try; instead we’ll just offer one random glimpse.

This is a shot inside The Mirror House.

Cleaning House

Going through 1000’s of film transparencies- sorting, saving, jettisoning.

Years and years of stock work and assignments and personal projects.

And it’s been great to go back; a retrospective viewing as it were.

So many images, so many memories…

This one is a keeper.


Before you could immediately see what you just shot- you couldn’t. 

We are talking about neg film in the pre-digital days- when the lab gave you a proof sheet and the images were finally revealed. 

You had to trust that you knew what you were doing and that you were doing it right.

Now… that’s not to say we miss the old days, it did however require a certain level of skill.

For our photographer friends to try: cover the monitor on your DSLR and go “shoot a roll” of say, 36 exposures. (You’ll need more than a cell phone to do this obviously).

When done, uncover the back and check your work- see what you really shot. 

Not quite what you expected?


Still-life with bamboo grass.

Sometimes the most beautiful things are the quiet wonders hiding in plain sight in the garden.


We are very proud to have GROW! be a part of this project by ECOMOVE in Germany. 

The main focus will be to emphasize the economic potential of green technologies with regard to occupational opportunities and the involvement of young people. 

“…and are exhausted and nasty and stinky at the end of the day.”

Balls In The Air

In the edit suite cutting a four part series on veteran farmers in Georgia.

In pre-production on a short video project for Dixon Rye.

In a tight schedule with photo shoots, film shoots, and dinner parties.

In a spin, loving the spin that I’m in, under that old black magic called love.

4 July 2016

We spent the weekend down in Thomaston, Georgia.


OK- there is a wonderful Airbnb down there that we discovered while filming a project back in May. We stayed there overnight, fell in love with the place and the guys that ran it.

They needed some new photos of the inside, outside, and gardens.

So there we were: getting the shots, hanging with the boys, and Rocky, and having a ball!

Best 4th.

On The Road

We are looking out over the parking lot of The Cullers Inn, 140 Elm St, Lincolnton, GA. 

We are at the intersection of Highway 378 and Highway 47.

We kid you not.



45th Annual Northern California Area EMMY® AWARDS 


WINNER OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT: Interview/Discussion-Program/Special
Producer/Director: Christine Anthony - Director: Owen Masterson - Series Producer: Valerie Landes

Yes we are surprised and very happy.

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