Last Resorts

We spend a good part of the year on the road on photo assignments and film projects, and as can be expected, in hotels.

The glamorous world of being photographers can turn into a disorienting nightmare after awhile when the hotels and their rooms (except for the carpets in the hallways- more on that in a later post…) all look the same.

From our “Last Resorts” collection, here we are in Seneca, SC.


Shot on a HOLGA 120S camera (cheap plastic body, plastic lens) with Ilford HP5 Plus, 120 roll, 400 ISO Black and White film. 

A well-known camera and a light leaking mess, it does produce amazing images if you know how to finesse it (and tape the body to minimize the leaks). 

Notice the beautiful lens distortion at the bottom edges.

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Something about the day…

nature  (ˈnāCHər)  noun

the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth: the breathtaking beauty of nature.

A Beautiful Ruin

Since moving to the South from California, we have always made it a point to take the back roads, whether traveling to location for a shoot in a major city or while working on our films which revolve around sustainable farming.

We are inspired by the beauty of decay, the resilience of long abandoned buildings and the
persistence of nature that is special to the South.

Millwood, GA., GA Hwy 158 at Old Nicholls Hwy

From the collection “Backroads and Beautiful Ruins” 

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