we tell stories

We tell stories using a cinematic approach; each frame thoughtfully composed of beautiful imagery and lighting. We thrive on telling a good story with an ear for the narrative structure featuring compelling subjects; be it a person, place or thing.

Our method is collaborative, believing that everyone involved is a key element to the finished product.

Since 2010 we have produced a number of short films and PSA's plus two award winning full-length documentaries. 

  We welcome the opportunity to bring to light any good story that needs to be told.

Milo Reice-  A Conversation With The Artist. 

Produced for his upcoming show featuring the Caesar Series & Other Works  at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.  

Show runs Dec 5, 2020 through Jan 16, 2021.

Dixon Rye (2017)

A short film produced for Dixon Rye, a unique upscale design and home goods store located on the Westside in Atlanta.

"Can't thank you enough.  Brilliant work."  Bradley Odom, owner Dixon Rye

Documentary Films

GROW! Trailer

GROW! (2011)
A full length documentary film that captures the energy, passion and independence of a fresh crop of young farmers.

• Best American Documentary - Rome International Film Festival
• Best Feature - Colorado Environmental Film Festival
• Focus Award - Montana Cine International Film Festival
• Best of Category - Montana Cine International Film Festival
• Best Documentary - Asheville Cinema Festival
• Best Documentary - Macon Film Festival
• Earth Award - Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival
• Audience Choice - Atlanta Docufest

• Savannah Film Festival
• Slow Motion Food Film Fest-Nova Scotia
• Wild And Scenic Film Festival
• Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival-New Zealand
• Crossroads Documentary Film Festival-Graz Austria
• Life Sciences Film Festival-Prague
• Nanaimo Global Film Festival-Vancouver BC
• Salt Springs Film Festival-Salt Springs Isl BC

As of 2020: Film is currently out of distribution. However- you can watch it here: GROW! 

Link to GROW! Trailers, clips, and more


Terra Firma (2014)
A full length documentary film that weaves together the stories of three female veterans who were among the first to deploy to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq in The Global War on Terror. After struggling for years with combat related PTS, they have each found ways to heal the hidden wounds of war through farming. 

  • Official Selection / World Premiere 2014 Sarasota Film Festival
  • WINNER JURY AWARD 2014 Rome International Film Festival
  • WINNER Best Of Fest 2015 Colorado Environmental Film Festival
  • WINNER Best Food Film 2015 Cinema Verde Film Festival
  • Official Selection 2015 Sacramento Food Film Festival
  • EMMY AWARD 2016 Interview/Discussion-Program/Special - SF/N.CA Chapter NATAS

As of 2020: Film is currently out of distribution. However- you can watch it here: TERRA FIRMA

Documentary Short Projects

Georgia Farmer Veterans Project - John Jackson Episode

Georgia Organics

Since 2010 we have produced a number of short films, PSA's and series for Atlanta based non-profit, Georgia Organics.  

Georgia’s Farmer Veterans (2016)
1 of 4 in series: Jon Jackson Comfort Farms
In this series four farmer veterans speak of how they are using the skills learned in the military on their farms and the benefits of Agri-Therapy for former soldiers.

We Farm Georgia (2015)
Series of 10
The series features an inspiring cast of African Americans, Latinos, Asians and Veterans who speak of their drive, passion and the challenges facing Georgia’s sustainable and diverse farming community.

Field Trip! (2012-2014)
Series of 51 episodes
A three year project of short informational pieces specific to organic agriculture in Georgia by farmers for farmers.


“Anthony-Masterson beautifully pairs their creative eye and artful storyline with uncompromising integrity to produce films that matter.”
Alice Rolls, Georgia Organics Executive Director

“In a world where deadlines and deliverables matter, it’s a pleasure to work with as talented and professional a production team as Anthony-Masterson. I can always count on their work to be on-time and exceed my expectations for quality and craft.”
Donn Cooper, Georgia Organics Farmer Services Coordinator

Experimental Film Shorts


Camera: Owen Masterson
Music: Peter Dunne
©2020 Anthony-Masterson


Camera: Owen Masterson
Music: Keith Matheson
©2020 Anthony-Masterson

GHOST TRAIN - Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, 2017

WATER - 02/2016

FIRE - 02/2016


AMP "Spotlight"

CHILDS PLAY - (Movie: 6:50)  WINNER Best Directors Short - Atlanta Horror Film Festival

An Anthony-Masterson Film

Starring: Frankie Lee Cook, Graham Swancy, Russell Cook

Produced by Christine Anthony
Directed by Owen Masterson

Song composed and performed by Frankie Lee Cook
Filmed at Blue Fork Farm, Ranger, Georgia on Dec 30, 2011.

MUSIC VIDEO: Little Country Giants "I Think Of You"

PSA: It's Your World- Don't Waste It

PSA - Diabetes

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