November 7th 2020

We were greeted this morning to a rainbow over the San Jacinto Mountains.

We took it as a sign. Of good things. Needed things.

The neighbor came outside and started banging a wooden spoon on a sauce pan.

He said Biden had won. 

And he had.

It was quite a morning. 

Not Only Moderns…

Image looks like a little bit of Mexico, but it’s not. 

Palm Springs has an amazing mixture of architectural styles, not the least of which is Spanish Colonial and Mexican Hacienda, blending in seamlessly with the cottages from the 20s, 30s, and 40s, apartment buildings from the 50s and 60s, all the 60s mid-century moderns, and those great 70s homes and commercial buildings. 

Visually it’s a great ride through time. 

Love this town!

Artist Int Vid

We are in Altadena, California this weekend filming the artist Milo Reice for a short promo video on his upcoming show at Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, California, December 5, 2020 to January 16, 2021.

Link to vimeo video of Milo Reice.

And then Owen wrote a book…

Written in a spare, stripped down style, propelling the story and reader along, SOMETIME is a page-turning, cynical, funny, and savage romp through one man’s “anyway the wind blows” life. 

$20 gets you a copy of my book, “Sometime”, a love story for our times, and a personal dedication in my illegible scrawl! Cool? Message me now….

Also available through Amazon!


… because we aren’t shooting assignments: no home interiors, restaurants, people, places, or travel stories while in COVID-19-HELL. 

Oh well. We are happy to be here, together, in Palm Springs and shooting anything at all and whatever we want for the love of shooting. And there are some amazing exteriors to photograph.

Sunday morning found us on Via Lola in Old Las Palmas neighborhood.

Time Flies

It has been a year now since we sold our home and moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Palm Springs, California.

So much has happened in that time: new acquaintances, friends, projects, and after eight months of relatively, groovy bliss, now dealing with COVID-19. All in all, we are in a better place. Untethered by property ownership for the time being, we are free to pivot with ease. In these new times of incredible uncertainty, our ability to shift and adjust our course at will, has given us great peace of mind.

And no, we are not wearing masks for the photo, but we wear them everywhere because we care about our health and yours. And we look great with them. Really!

July 5th, 2020. Canyon View Estates, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, CA.


June 6, 2020.

Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs. 

Love, unity, justice. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make their voices heard.

Quiet Reflection…

These are troubled and troubling times. 

We don’t have to list it all here. We know what’s going on.

And we know the why of it. And the who.

Stay focused, stay vigilant.

And when the time comes, vote like your life and your country depend on it.

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