This and That….

Owen pictured with his latest commissioned piece, and the largest to date at 3’x5’. We’re about to hit the road again for photo shoots in Memphis and Nashville and to deliver more art for Owen’s upcoming showing at Artclectic Oct. 18-20. 

Oh and then there’s the wedding ceremony that Owen will be performing soon for a couple of Farmher friends on their beautiful farm outside of Atlanta.

Behind the scenes…

Anyone who knows us, knows who pulls the strings-

Here is Christine in the Mobile Production Office checking the shot list, working up the interview questions, confirming hotel reservations and… well everything.

We are on location in Albany, Georgia (31.618165, -84.035319) filming a five part project on organic peanut production for Georgia Organics.

It will cover the the 2018 growing season.

We will be back…

Crew Shot

As promised yesterday: behind the scenes with the crew.

We go way back with field editor and photo stylist Sandi Mohlmann: Atlanta, Charlotte, Savannah, Charleston, Kiawah Island, Sullivan’s Island, Seabrook Island, Hilton Head, Raleigh-Durham… on and on and on. 

And we’ve got stories; and you also know: ‘what happens on location… etc.’

But when it comes to professional behavior, a quick eye, and a step ahead, it’s always a pleasure to ‘work it’ with Sandi.


On the Westside

Wrapping up a two day shoot at DIXON RYE in Atlanta for their new web site.

And apart from the day one gas line leak and evacuation, (wherein our team fled to the nearby Northside Tavern for afternoon beers while waiting for the all clear from Atlanta Fire Department Battalion Chief Chip Newell) it was an amazing and beautiful shoot.

Thanks Bradley, Brent, Ann, and Harmony; all hands on deck. Couldn’t have done it without you.

On Location…

…in Vidalia, Georgia, home of the famous and very sweet Vidalia onions.

However we are here for peanuts. Organic peanuts to be precise.

We are filming a four part project for Georgia Organics through a generous grant from the USDA.

We are on Jahi’s farm and will document his journey to become an organic peanut farmer, and start a co-op community of small organic peanut farms throughout Georgia, with assistance from the UGA, SAAFON, and Georgia Organics.

More to come….

What’s Up?!

We are back in the saddle with a shoot tomorrow for past client ReDesigned Home-

We have a full slate of video film work laid out over the coming year- (more info soon…)

Owen is working on a commission for Atlanta designer Sherry Hart for her Ansley Park project-

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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