ˈstrək ch ər


The arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex…

And could use some fixing up too.

On assignment and on the road in Montgomery, Alabama.

On Assignment-

-And on the road in Montgomery, Alabama, shooting the Alabama Sweet Tea Co. for Magnolia magazine.

This is the set up for one of the shots. 

The flag is a 14’x 27’ hand-stitched flag, made in 1920 and flown on a WWI Navy Ship based out of Mayne Island in California.

A Swinging 12 Inch New Years Eve Party!

We are rolling up the rugs, spinning the records, and ringing in the New Year. Loud! 

As James Brown says, “get up offa that thing and dance till you feel better!” 

Thanks to all the stylists, designers, photo editors, and everyone who let us into their beautiful homes and lives to photograph and film them. 

Special thanks to the crew at PPR in Atlanta.


Out Now-

On the newsstands now, the Winter 2016 issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.

Here’s a photo from one of two photo spreads we shot for this issue.  It’s  from the home of Interior Designer/Blogger Sherry Hart, a view of her Sitting Room. 

Check out her ”Design Indulgence“ blog- it’s bold, sassy and insightful, it’s Sherry!

Turn, turn, turn…

You may have noticed that we no longer have a presence on certain social media platforms. 

In an effort to more fully concentrate on various creative endeavors, maintain equilibrium and sanity, and push past the deafening online noise, we have pulled the plug on FaceBook and Twitter.

And honestly, it feels so good.

We are still on Instagram and will continue to post our comings/goings here on the A-M blog.


That’s A Wrap

Great shoot- great crew.

Thanks to stylist Anna Forkum (blue Cons on left) for pumpkin wrangling, leaf management, and keen eye; to Assistant Art Director Lori Sturdivant at BH&G/SIM (white Cons on right) for guidance and vision (and dinner at Patti’s- we’ll tell you about if you want…and you should), and Kari Anne and her family at Thistlewood Farm for allowing us into their amazing home.

And we are wrapped in Kentucky.


Our short documentary film “GEORGIA’S FARMER VETERANS” with Jon Jackson is an Official Selection in the 2016 Cause & Effect Film Festival

It will screen Sunday evening, November 6th in Athens, Georgia at CINE.

An ANTHONY-MASTERSON Production. Produced by Georgia Organics through a USDA Office Of Advocacy and Outreach Grant.

We will be attending this event along with Jon Jackson.

Trick Or Treat!

“Child’s Play” 

Starring: Frankie Lee Cook, Graham Swancy, Russell Cook 

Produced by Christine Anthony - Directed by Owen Masterson - Song composed and performed by Frankie Lee Cook - Filmed at Blue Fork Farm, Ranger, Georgia

Happy Halloween!


interior | adjective

1: situated within or inside

2: remote from the coast or frontier 

3: existing or taking place in the mind or soul…

122 N Elm St Greensboro NC - 10/24/16


On assignment and on the road, it’s another job, another hotel, and another location.

And when it looks like this, nothing beats working.

Great shoot and great crew in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Thanks Rick and Michael- InSidesign.

An Other World

There are no easy words to capture the complexities of Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens.

We will not even try; instead we’ll just offer one random glimpse.

This is a shot inside The Mirror House.

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