Back in the day, when film was the way, we shot polaroids. Hundreds of polaroids. And we still have them. In books. From all the jobs and stock shoots up till the time we went digital. 

We were also the stand in’s. So we’d know what the subject would look like. And to show the subject what we had in mind for the shot.

Here is a small sample of us playing “them.”


This might make a nice book cover; back and front, spine down the middle…

Maybe something along the lines of…

Hammett’s ‘Thin Man’ meets Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ set in a not too distant dystopian future.


Shooting publicity photos of Dayna Steele at the PS Cultural Center for her dark comedy play “The Woman In The Mirror” coming to Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH) .

Thanks to Alan Kraemer for bring us aboard and producing the session, and Eric Smith at PS Cultural Center for letting us use the theatre.


Last Resorts

From our “Last Resorts” project: A collection of hotel hallways, rooms, and views from the last twenty years of shooting on location and staying in hotels from great to abysmal.

This was in Brunswick, Georgia.

That’s A Wrap

And it’s Friday already

Five days, five locations, seven subjects, two dogs, and great times.

Thank you everyone, esp. A.K. and L.M. at PSL and Z.I. and T.S. at SnapStudiosPS.

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