11/23 Message

Stay bouncy- it’s a messed up world out there- don’t let the raging stupidity get you down- we know it’s hard to avoid- idiocy has always been a loud disease- but we have each other and with a bit of critical thinking- triangulated information gathering- and a butt load of common sense and decency towards each other- we might survive these times. 

It’s hard- yes- the normalization of the preposterous- the lies festering- metastasizing- spreading across the country like a rash.

A toxic ignorance has taken root. 

Today- let’s try to be more tolerant of those less fortunate than ourselves to have been born with the ability to think clearly and behave like caring creatures and not maniacal- rabid animals.

Anthony-Masterson - Thanksgiving 2023


At Verstappen Fine Art Gallery Exhibition and Celebration of the Life, Vision, and 
Influence of Klaus Wille, featuring his clothing designs and his Art collection, notably screen prints by Richard Duardo. 

We are modeling two of Klaus’ NEO80 clothing designs.

Owen At The Alix

BEYOND MODERNISM Evening Exhibit + Cocktails + Artists at The ALIX Gallery

Saturday October 21, 2023: 5:30pm to 8pm

Previews October 19 + 20: 1pm to 3pm

Additional: Sunday October 22 1pm to 3pm

The ALIX Gallery 2121 E Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs


Lady In Red

As so often happens, we’ll see someone, and because of their dress, their demeanor, their presence, we ask to take their photograph.

I don’t think anyone in all our years shooting has ever said “no.”

Thank you to everyone for saying “yes.”


Not a painting-

Not AI-

Not filtered, fixed up or f’d with-

Just a photograph, cropped. 

What you see is what was shot.

Photo apps are like flavored drinks for kids- sweet but ultimately empty.

Shoot like you mean it-

Shoot like it matters-

Shoot like you care.

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