Time Flies

It has been a year now since we moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Palm Springs, California.

So much has happened in that time: new acquaintances, friends, projects, and after eight months of relatively, groovy bliss, dealing with COVID-19. All in all, we are in a better place. Untethered by property ownership, we are free to pivot with ease. In these new times of incredible uncertainty, our ability to shift and adjust our course at will, has given us great peace of mind.

And no, we are not wearing masks for the photo, but we wear them everywhere because we care about our health and yours.

July 5th, 2020. Canyon View Estates, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, CA.


June 6, 2020.

Ruth Hardy Park in Palm Springs. 

Love, unity, justice. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make their voices heard.

Quiet Reflection…

These are troubled and troubling times. 

We don’t have to list it all here. We know what’s going on.

And we know the why of it. And the who.

Stay focused, stay vigilant.

And when the time comes, vote like your life and your country depend on it.


February seems so long ago now-

This state of suspended animation drags on-

Time has lost recognizable meaning-

We should not have bought that 2020 wall calendar-

Stay vigilant- stay safe- stay with it.

Street Photography - Portugal

Spending some time during this shut-in period going through the photo archives. We assembled this gallery of street shooting because the images contain something we are not seeing enough of at the present time: people. People coming, going, talking together, hugging, kissing, or just taking a walk. No face masks or latex gloves, no social distancing. Guarded and unguarded moments in the day to day of life.

These photographs were shot in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.

Have a look…

If you had said nine months ago…

… that I would again be driving across the country, alone this time, during a pandemic, after taking care of family business for the last month in North Carolina, I would have asked what kind of cracked fortune teller are you?

Yet here I am, behind the wheel, punching out the miles and heading home.

Play it safe, shelter in place, and wash your hands.

Strange days…

We’ve been cast in a tragic-comedy that we don’t recall auditioning for…⁣

Stay safe- stay back- stay bouncy. This too shall pass.

Oh- and wash your hands.


The View From Here

Looking South along Belardo Rd. from the 4 Saints Restaurant atop the Rowan Hotel, downtown Palm Springs, CA. The San Jacinto Mountains are to the right, the Santa Rosa to the left, forming the place named Indian Canyons.

A place we call home.

Project - Couples

In the early aughts we wanted to explore the idea of the narrative in portraiture: an examination of couples and the dynamic that exists between them. Portraying both solitude and intimacy- these photos are a moment in time whose narrative meaning perhaps remains a mystery.

Shot with the Hasselblad 501CM on Fuji E6 Transparency film.

Click for Couples Portraits Gallery

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