The conceptual operation of inverting a system or event with respect to a plane, each element being transferred perpendicularly through the plane to a point the same distance the other side of it.

A consequence of something else…


SOUND & VISION, Opening on March 16, 2024 at MAD.KAT Gallery

71590 Hwy 111 - Rancho Mirage Plaza. 

Opening Reception from 5-9pm. 

Owen is thrilled to be included in this Super Group/Super Exhibition. Thank you @mad.kat_gallery

Meet Gary Janis

Must see - The artist Gary Janis at Gary Wexler Gallery now. 

“His paintings are jazzy compositions that swing with bebop shapes and looping melodies - exuberant expressions of joy.”  -Barnaby Conrad

 We were knocked out by the show. Exhibit is up til March 9.

The Portrait Project Continues

We love what we do and the Palm Springs Portrait Project is dear to our hearts. The body of work has grown, attracted a lot of attention and we have met many amazing people while photographing it. After turning down three publishers for contractual reasons, we are continuing to follow our hearts and photographing more people in their environments, adding to this ever growing body of work. What happens down the road, only time will tell.

A special thank you to all who have participated- you are the heart of the project.

Click here to see the gallery and all the portraits captured to date.

Chris Edwards

RIP Sweet Soul, Chris Edwards. We met Chris while filming some short documentaries about organic and sustainable farmers when we lived in Georgia. We were struck by his smile that lit up the entire universe, his warmth and his dedication to farming. He eventually left Georgia and went to Ghana to help farmers. We recently found out that he passed away there from complications of malaria. 

 Here’s a link to Chris’ video.

“We Farm Georgia” - Produced by GEORGIA ORGANICS through a USDA Office Of Advocacy and Outreach Grant.
Chris Edwards & Mayflor Chokshi - Henry County - Stockbridge, GA
An Anthony-Masterson Prod. ©2015

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