Indian Canyons

The scenes here in the desert are astonishing- breathtaking- every day.

From our patio in Canyon View Estates, over coffee in the early morning (before the heat cranks up), in the afternoon as the sun sets, and as the moon rises and illuminates the San Jacinto Mountains, we are treated to dazzling displays of light and shadow. It is heart-stopping beautiful.

This image was shot on our new Nikon D850 with the 28.0mm lens at f/2.5 - 09/16/2019 at 06:58:43pm

Since July 4th…

… when during our first dinner party in our new place with dear old friends and new, the ground shook a 7.something and then shook some more. 

Over the course of the following days, the seismic activity has been like a “welcome home” to us.

Crazy. We know.

And it’s good to be home.

It’s A Wrap

After 14 years in Atlanta we have sold the house and are heading West and back to California. Our work done in the Southeast, we felt the need to challenge ourselves and decided to start the next chapter in Palm Springs. We will continue to pursue photography and short film subjects as well as other creative endeavors.

Stay tuned….

Shadows + Secrets

Deep- evocative- mysterious-

Designer/photo stylist/artist/producer Anna Forkum wanted to play the deep shadows in this photo shoot of her Nashville, Tennessee home. 

We wanted to explore the dark side also.

She was quite pleased with the outcome- as were we.

It Was 8 Years Ago Today….

…. March 11, 2011, that our first feature length documentary film debuted. 

Filming, interviewing, and editing (something we had never done) changed our lives. The people we met, interviewed, and grew to love and admire, changed us. That the film continues to be watched around the world, and the story continues to be told has made the experience all the more meaningful. 

Thanks to everyone who assisted us in making this film.

It has been an amazing journey.

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