It Was 8 Years Ago Today….

…. March 11, 2011, that our first feature length documentary film debuted. 

Filming, interviewing, and editing (something we had never done) changed our lives. The people we met, interviewed, and grew to love and admire, changed us. That the film continues to be watched around the world, and the story continues to be told has made the experience all the more meaningful. 

Thanks to everyone who assisted us in making this film.

It has been an amazing journey.

Watch now on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and YouTube.

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Tis That Season!

To all the stylists and designers who make our assignments go smooth and look great.

To all the creative directors, photo editors, and editors in chief who trust our vision.

To our gear support crew at PPR who always have our back.

To all the people who let us into their homes and lives to create havoc and mayhem and take some beautiful photographs.

And to each other for loving what we do and doing it together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On The Cover…

… and on the newsstands: The Winter 2018 Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.

Cover story featuring Steve and Jill McKenzie’s beautiful art-filled Plaza Towers abode. We also shot the Serenbe home of Alexandra Breckenridge and her husband Casey Hooper for this issue.

Check it out!

On Location

Wrapping up a two-day shoot in Brooks, Georgia for Country Home Magazine with the incredible and dangerous stylist/field editor Sandi Mohlmann (in black with gun), and Alea and A.P. Moore and family. 

Alea and A.P.’s four girls were an absolute pleasure to photograph. Alea is also an amazing lifestyle photographer herself and A.P. assists on shoots.

You know we dig that.

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