Art Throb

If you know us, you know we are visually motivated.

And you know that we don’t just go for the obviously beautiful.

Projects like “Last Resorts” and “Beautiful Ruins” attest to this fact.

Here is a current example of our wide range of visual pleasures.

Moody, dark, and a narrative that is not a Coke commercial.

So… enjoy our many complicated flavors.

Desert Garden

Usually you can find us wheeling around on our bikes, grabbing shots and saying hello.

But after this season’s tests of fortitude, we’ve slowed it down and have taken to walking. 

Seeing, hearing and feeling the world around us.

Letting the shots reveal themselves.

We find a calm that is greatly needed.

Our advice? 

Unplug and take a walk. 

Always Having A Ball

Just got back from a wedding in San Francisco.

Congrats to Ben & Nathaniel. Absolutely adorable.

Hangin’ w/Chrissy, Mrs. Lady, so many others. Too much fun.

Stayed overnight in Pismo Beach on the return trip.

Today and tomorrow we’re up in Joshua Tree shooting for decorator/stylist Michael Walters. 

That’s Michael rushing through the shot styling up a beautiful storm.

Kudos to his partner Lee for keeping us cool, calm, and collected.

We’re also celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary this fine December 7th.

Like we said: always having a ball.

Palace Of Fine Arts

A monumental structure originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.

It is the only structure from the Exposition that survives on site. 

The most prominent building of the complex is a 162 feet high open rotunda.

It is enclosed by a lagoon on one side, and is neighboring a large, curved exhibition center on the other side, which is separated from the lagoon by colonnades.

It was conceived to evoke a decaying ruin of ancient Rome.

Here it is, in all it’s beauty under cloudy San Francisco skies.

What Kind Of Photographer Are You?

We don’t shoot weddings- that’s a car crash in slow motion.

We don’t shoot class photos or sports teams.

But we do shoot what attracts our eye, and it’s not always a beautiful home, interesting people, a fabulous restaurant and amazing food, or exotic vacation locations.

We also shoot what intrigues us, tells a different story, or leads us to wonder, “what is going on here.”

This is one of those ‘other’ shots.


Slow Down

We’re usually grabbing shots on the fly riding the bike.

Today, we slowed it down; we took a walk.

The world is different at this speed.

Seeing different things in places we pass everyday.

We recommend taking the time to see more, to feel more.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

AMP Office

Where the ideas begin-

Where the creativity hums-

Where we work together doing what we love together-

The Garden Office at Anthony-Masterson Photography at The Biltmore.

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