Location Scout

We can’t show you the photos from yesterdays Elegant Homes magazine shoot- for that you’ll have to wait until summer.

We can however share a few very recent scouting pix of an upcoming project.

Kitchen, master bedroom and bath, foyer, family room, outdoor living space, and office/study will be photographed in the coming month.

Can’t wait to shoot this.


To all the stylists and designers who make our assignments go smooth and look great.

To all the creative directors, photo editors, and editors in chief who trust our vision.

To our gear support crew at PPR who always got our back.

To all the people who let us into their homes and lives to create havoc and mayhem and take some beautiful photographs.

And to each other for loving what we do and doing it together.

Winding it down- wrapping it up

Well… another year has come and is soon to be gone, but we’re not done yet.

We’re on assignment in Atlanta for Southern Home magazine. 

And yes, it’s a holiday story! How’d you know?

We’ve got a couple more shoots this month then it’s time to party.

Oh- you thought we partied all the time? 

ˈtaktl + ˈviZH(o͞o)əl

tactile |ˈtaktl | adjective - of or connected with the sense of touch

visual |ˈviZH(o͞o)əl | adjective - of or relating to seeing or sight

They come together when you can hold the photos in your hand. 

You can pass them to the person sitting across from you- hang them on the wall- stick them to the fridge- carry them in your wallet- put them in a tray on your coffee table and watch the reaction on your friends’ faces as they dig through them.

There is a visceral sensation not present when viewing photos on a phone…

Think about that.


Honored to have my art piece, “Assemblage #021” selected by Steve McKenzie of McKenzie Interior Design for his vignette for Dwell With Dignity’s Thrift Studio. 

Thrift Studio kicks off with a Preview Party which is a ticketed event where guests can shop the pop-up shop before it opens to the general public.
Preview Party is September 28, 2017 at ADAC Atlanta Decorative Arts Center.  

Tickets available at thriftstudio.com 

Thrift Studio opens to the public September 29 - October 20 at ADAC



On The Cover…

… and on the newsstands now-

The fall decorating story we shot in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

Thanks to stylist Anna Forkum for pumpkin wrangling, leaf management, and keen eye; to Assistant Art Director Lori Sturdivant at BH&G/SIM for guidance and vision (and dinner at Patti’s- we’ll tell you about if you want…and you should), and KariAnne and her family at Thistlewood Farm for allowing us into their amazing home.

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