4 July 2016

We spent the weekend down in Thomaston, Georgia.


OK- there is a wonderful Airbnb down there that we discovered while filming a project back in May. We stayed there overnight, fell in love with the place and the guys that ran it.

They needed some new photos of the inside, outside, and gardens.

So there we were: getting the shots, hanging with the boys, and Rocky, and having a ball!

Best 4th.

On The Road

We are looking out over the parking lot of The Cullers Inn, 140 Elm St, Lincolnton, GA. 

We are at the intersection of Highway 378 and Highway 47.

We kid you not.



45th Annual Northern California Area EMMY® AWARDS 


WINNER OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT: Interview/Discussion-Program/Special
Producer/Director: Christine Anthony - Director: Owen Masterson - Series Producer: Valerie Landes

Yes we are surprised and very happy.


Magnolia grandiflora, commonly known as the Southern Magnolia or Bull Bay Magnolia.

It is to the South what sunshine is to the day.

On The Cover-

-and on the newsstands! 

Atlanta Magazine’s HOME - the 2016 Summer Issue

Thanks to art director Tara McCarthy, editor in chief Betsy Riley, designer Steve McKenzie, Xavier for being everyone’s go to super-guy, writer and editor Lisa Mowry, Cara and Mitchell for inviting us into their home and allowing us to create havoc, and Finn the dog for being so patient. 

 Special thanks to Sean McGinnis for the great paper (always).

ˈvər ti kəl

VERTICAL - adjective    

At right angles to a horizontal plane; in a direction, or having an alignment, such that the top is directly above the bottom…


Suddenly Friday

Been a long week of farms, motels, miles, and more miles.

Met some beautiful people, ate some great food, and along the way gathered some incredible footage and interviews.

While traveling the backroads between locations we came across this farm.

Looks to be a great year for marshmallows.

As It Is

Driving on 328 East in South Carolina, somewhere between Saluda and Lexington, heading to the film festival in Columbia. 

We had been stopping and grabbing shots as we went: beautiful ruins, roadside unattractions, a mural, anything and nothing- but this scene really blew us away.

This photo is unprocessed from the RAW file: no curve, no saturation adjustment- nada. 

It is as we saw it.  

Road Trip

On the road and headed to Columbia, SC for the Indie Grits Film Festival

Our documentary The BUGG FARM screens tonight at 7pm. Posted is a screen grab of Addis Bugg from the film.

On the way we are scouting for an upcoming video production outside Lincolnton, GA., and we’ll be getting some footage for G2! in Elgin, SC.

And you know we’re on the backroads exploring and getting the shots.

Looking Up

“Stairwell in the Marais” 

This photograph was shot on a visit to Paris in the hotel where we stayed. 

This image was shot on film.  Yes- we said film.


Today marks the fifth anniversary of the premiere of our first doc film GROW! at the Georgia Organics Conference in Savannah GA March 11, 2011.

It has been an amazing journey. 

Garnering film festival wins around the world, it continues to inspire young farmers everywhere via iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and other streaming/download sites.

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