#33 PS Portrait Project

Thank you to designer Travis Smith and Realtor John White at home in Indian Canyons.

If it seems like we are shooting up a storm on this project it’s because we are.

We have done a lot of scouting and have many people lined up over the coming weeks and months.

To everyone who has participated already- we thank you and love you.

You make this project great.

Ps Portrait Project Gallery


Artist John De La Rosa, architectural historian Steven Keylon with Blanca in the living room of their Herbert Burns designed home.

“If their portrait was in black and white, it would look right at home in a vintage Architechtural Digest.” Comment from Robert Webster

#32 in the PROJECT

Gallery Wall

Love this shot from the Skylark Sands home of Melody and Tom of their PS Portrait Project image.

Printed by Master Printer and all-round cool guy Stephen Baumbach.

Prints of all in the Portrait Series are available.

photo: Melody McKague/Skylark Sands


Since 4/10/21 we have produced 28 environmental portraits starting with our favorite local muses P David Ebersole and Todd Hughes capturing the personal style of people in and around Palm Springs. We’ve had to take a number of breaks from shooting due to Covid, most recently due to the Omicron outbreak in December.But as the numbers subside we’re excited to announce that we are back out shooting again, and have a number of people already lined up- so stay tuned!

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A Valentine

A song Owen wrote and recorded for his Valentine called “Just You & Me.”

Thanks to Creative Commons for the archival still photos.

Except the very last one.

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